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Healing Through Feeling Program Staff

Healing Through Feeling Mental Health Practitioners

Islam Gabur Abu Helo, HTF Mental Health Practitioner (Gaza)
Prior to joining UPA, Ms. Abu Helo held the position of community mental health worker at the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.  Ms. Abu Helo earned a bachelor’s degree in psychological counseling and educational guidance from Islamic University as well as professional diplomas in “English for Business” and “Mental Health” from the Islamic University and the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, respectively.   She also spent time training at the Mercy Association of Children, where she did art therapy with kindergarten children.

Sahar Hayek, HTF Mental Health Practitioner (Gaza)
Ms. Hayek earned a diploma in rehabilitation services from Mount Royal College – Calgary University, a bachelor’s degree in psychological counseling from Al Aqsa University and a master’s degree in education, specializing in community mental health from Islamic University in Gaza.  She has held several positions at NGOs and INGOs, such as training coordinator and child specialist in International Medical Corps, Gender-Based Violence and Child Protection Case Management Officer in the Norwegian Refugee Council, and psychologist at World Vision, among others.

Sabah Zein ElDeen, HTF Mental Health Practitioner (Gaza)
Prior to joining UPA, Ms. Zein ElDeen spent over ten years at Palestinian Aveneir for Children, where she supervised the education program, mothers program, integration and vocational program.  Ms. Zein ElDeen has also worked as a psychologist at World Vision and the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP), a mental health specialist at GCMHP and a Case Manager of the Gender-Based Violence and Emergency Response Project at the Union of Health Work Committees.  In addition, Ms. Zein ElDeen worked as a trainer in case management, mental health disorders, and stress management at MDM France (Doctors of the World) and International Medical Corps.  Ms. Zein ElDeen holds a diploma in rehabilitation services from Mount Royal College, a bachelor degree in Psychological Counseling from Al Aqsa University and a master’s degree in Education Specializing in Community and Mental Health from Islamic University in Gaza.

Maged Qishawi, HTF Mental Health Practitioner (Gaza)
Prior to joining UPA, Mr. Qishawi spent five years as a Psychological Supporter at the Youth Empowerment Center, where he provided psychosocial support sessions to children (ages 6 to 12 years old) and their mothers. Mr. Qishawi also held the position of Psychological Supporter at Palestinian Working Women, in association with Catholic Relief.  He earned a bachelor of science in Counseling and Educational Guidance from Islamic University’s Education College.

Kareem AbuShaaban, Administrative Assistant (Gaza)
Before joining UPA in 2016, Kareem was working at the largest mail post company in Gaza – Mersal post – as a human resources officer for more than one year after being a logistics and administrative assistant for more than year and a half in the same company. Kareem also has several years' work experience in marketing, telesales and administrative work with many organizations in Gaza. Kareem holds a BA degree in media from Al Aqsa University – Gaza.

Book Translation

UPA’s partnership with the American Psychological Association has made possible the following books to be issued in Arabic for use by Healing Through Feeling practitioners with the children, their teachers and caretakers.

  • Healing Days: A Guide for Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma, by Susan Farber Strauss, Ph.D.
  • Imagine a Rainbow: A Child’s Guide to Sooth Pain, by Brenda S. Miles, Ph.D.
  • Jenny is Scared! When Sad Things Happen in the World, by Carol Shuman, Ph.D.
  • Max Archer, Kid Detective: The Case of the Wet Bed, by Howard J. Bennett. M.D.
  • A Terrible Thing Happened: A Story for Children Who Have Witness Violence or Trauma, by Margaret M. Holmes.

The books were translated into Arabic by Dr. Mariam Mari Ryan and edited by Dr. Roseland Da'eem.

Mariam Mari Ryan, Ph.D. (Book Translator, Volunteer)

Dr. Ryan translated the books into Arabic. She is a Palestinian educational psychologist and retired university professor. Dr. Mari has founded and conducted research on many organizations and institutions related to women, children, education, and human rights. She is founder of Galilee Center for Social Research, as well as Acre Arab Women Association and the Arab Child Pedagogical Center.

Mariam Mari Ryan

Roseland Da'eem, Ph.D. (Book Editor, Volunteer)

Dr. Da'eem is a researcher, lecture, writer and editor. Dr. Da’eem’s background is in comparative literature, children’s literature, language instruction (first and foreign language), comparative culture and descriptive ethnography. She is a lecturer in the Arab Academic College for Education in Haifa, and has published several articles in literary research as well as children’s stories.

Roseland Da'eem