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Children's Fund

Children's Fund - Nurturing mind, body and soul

Obstacles Palestinian children face:

  • 7.4% under age five suffer from stunting due to chronic malnutrition
  • 50% under age two are anemic
  • 17% aged 15 to 17 do not attend school
  • 26% of all Palestinians live in poverty (defined as less than $2 per day)

Sources: UN, PCBS

Small donations, Large impact

  • $20 per month will provide one child with daily hot lunches; school supplies; or recreation supplies
  • $40 per month will provide one child with daily hot lunches and counseling or physiotherapy; school supplies plus a hearing aid or braille books; or recreation supplies and a summer camp

In addition to a loving family, children have many needs: food, clothing, medical care, education and recreation. Chronic poverty, military occupation and armed conflict mean that many Palestinian children lack one or more of these needs, inhibiting their development into healthy, productive adults.

Children with unmet needs can't be children. They can't learn or play. And they can't develop fully.

The UPA Children's Fund works to foster a nurturing and stimulating environment for children that allows them to realize their full potential. The Fund supports projects that serve orphaned, disabled or impoverished Palestinian children.

The Children's Fund works in cooperation with reputable orphanages, schools and welfare societies throughout Palestinian communities to implement projects in three categories: Education; Health & Nutrition; and Recreation.

  • Education projects provide needed school supplies, such as backpacks, stationery, uniforms, computers, as well as special needs items such as braille books and hearing aids.
  • Health & Nutrition projects distribute daily hot meals and provide physiotherapy and counseling to students who need extra support.
  • Recreation projects supply students with art and music supplies, or pay for sports programs or summer camp activities.

Palestinian children are counting on us. As a donor to the Children's Fund, you can make a real difference in enabling Palestinian children to get the food, medicine, school supplies and recreation they need. You will receive a quarterly update via email.

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