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Pre-Qualify to Apply for a Grant

Pre-qualifying to apply for a UPA grant is a four-step process. Organizations must pre-qualify every year to continue to be eligible to apply for grants. Due to limited resources, UPA only accepts pre-qualification requests from Palestinian organizations working in UPA areas of operation (West Bank, Gaza Strip, and refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan).

  1. Request an Account: Request a login for your organization during the account request period given in the table below.
  2. Complete the Pre-Qualification Form: Once you receive your login information by email, click here to login and complete the Pre-Qualification form.
  3. Submit Founding Documents and Annual Filing Documents: Submit all of the following documents to
    1. Certificate of Registration
    2. Certified List of the Board Members of the Organization, and Current Key Employees - in addition to a scanned copy of the ID/Passport for these individuals (Key employees include not only highly compensated employees but employees who have responsibilities, powers or influence similar to those of officials, directors or trustees. Key employees also include chief management and administrative officials, including those involved in the disbursement of funds.)
    3. List of Sources of Income, Including Grants, Private Endowments, and Commercial Activities, for the Past Two Years
    4. List of Organizations and Entities that the Organization has Worked With or Provided Funding, Services, or In-Kind Support to in the Past Two Years
    5. Summary Descriptions of Beneficiaries of All Activities for the Past Two Years
    6. Latest Audited Financial Statement (must not be older than two years)
    7. Scanned Letter from Organization's Bank (must not be older than two years) with wire transfer details
      1. Name on account in English and Arabic
      2. Bank name and address
      3. SWIFT and/or IBAN code
      4. Account number
      5. Beneficiary address
      6. Intermediary bank and associated SWIFT and/or IBAN code(s)
    8. Latest Annual Report (optional)


The process follows the schedule in the table below:

Step  Date / Deadline *
New Account Request Form Open February 11
New Account Request Form Closed February 25
Pre-Qualification Form Open March 11
Pre-Qualification Form & All Documents Due April 8
Notification of Pre-Qualification Status By May 13

* Deadlines are at 12 Midnight (Palestine time) of the date indicated. If a deadline falls on a holiday, the due date is the first business day before that date.